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At the Frisch Law Firm, you will get an experienced labor overtime lawyer, who never defends employers and only represents employees and labor attempting to recover unpaid overtime pay and unpaid wages.  We aggressively pursue unpaid overtime and unpaid wage claims, but we also fight to protect the rights of employees if they experience retaliation from their employers for pursuing these claims.  We are fully committed to the representation and protection of honest employees who are routinely victimized by their unscrupulous employers who violate wage and hour laws on a daily basis and cheat employees out of thousands of hard earned dollars every year.

We handle class action labor overtime lawsuits, collective action overtime lawsuits and individual overtime wage lawsuits.

The Frisch Law Firm regularly handles cases involving:

    - Unpaid Overtime
    - Unpaid Wages
    - Unpaid Last Paychecks
    - Unpaid Commissions

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